Oxford Times highlights low carbon home project

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July 18, 2014

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Oxford Times highlights the low carbon home project that SaveMoneyCutCarbon has worked on with owner Tim Nicholson.

Image of Oxford Times cover featuring the Oxford Green House zero carbon home

SaveMoneyCutCarbon provided the LED lighting and worked with hansgrohe to supply the low-flow water products like eco showers and eco taps.

Tim explains in the centre-spread article:”There are people all over the world living at the mercy of their climate. We’re more fortunate, here, but we can all do our bit, plus save money and stay warmer.”

Another point the family demonstrate is that an energy-efficient home does not have to be an unpleasant one. Far from it, the floor is flush with stylish bamboo (cork flooring in the bathroom), the kitchen sparkles with recycled glass worktops and the boys’ bedroom is a light and airy haven of green and blue, complete with a birch branch pillar holding their bookshelf in place.

“Everyone wants a home for their family that’s really warm, comfortable and appealing,” says Tim.

“I want to help the planet, but I don’t want to have a miserable existence where I’m a slave to the woodburner or suffer cold showers!

“I hope our home proves that being eco-friendly can be an attractive way of living.”

Read the full article in the Oxford Times online: Nicholsons are a shining example of solar-powered life



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