Ashley Watson joins SaveMoneyCutCarbon as business development manager

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June 18, 2014

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Ashley Watson has joined SaveMoneyCutCarbon as business development manager as the company continues its rapid expansion.

Image of Ashley Watson, business development manager at SaveMoneyCutCarbon

Ashley is a seasoned sales professional with 25 years’ extensive business success in a wide variety of environments and has a long-term deep interest in sustainability. He will be generating and managing multi-technology energy-saving and water-efficiency projects for a wide range of sectors.

He says: “I’ll be reinforcing and expanding the company’s agile approach to sustainable energy-saving, specifying the most effective multiple solutions that deliver rapid return on investment.”

His career to date includes early work with leading global IT companies before focusing more on renewable and hi-tech sectors, most recently in corporate LED lighting solutions.

Lowest-energy lighting is just one important area for further business expansion, as Ashley advises: “If every home in the UK replaced just one traditional bulb with an LED light, we could close two power stations. You can multiply that again if companies and the public sector did the same.”

Comprehensive consumption-cutting projects in companies and organisations are great for both the short-term balance sheet and long-term development, as the money saved can be deployed to expand staff, skills and business opportunities.

Ashley has developed a broad knowledge and commitment to ecology and conservation since his teens, when he worked as a volunteer with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (now The Conservation Volunteers).

The need for sustainable development and natural resource management, Ashley believes, makes good business sense while at the same time being essential for the future.

He says: “I joined SaveMoneyCutCarbon because I believe they have the right idea in blending the commercial benefits of cutting energy and water consumption with ecological benefits. Cutting carbon emissions by using less, without impacting on quality of life, will save companies a fortune every year and strengthen their social responsibility activity at the same time.”


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