Save 20% on Hansgrohe EcoSmart Shower Heads as part of Big Energy Saving Week

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January 27, 2014

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Eco shower head savings make sense in Big Energy Saving Week launched today by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Eco Shower Heads

The CAB’s national campaign throughout this week and beyond is to help consumers reduce their energy bills and centres across the country will be ready to offer advice on a range of actions.

We’re here to help as well, and each day we’ll be offering advice and tips on ways for you to cut energy and water consumption, cut bills and cut carbon footprint.

Today, the focus is on water and energy savings from replacing a standard shower head with an eco shower head. We are offering a 20% discount on all Hansgrohe EcoSmart shower heads on our website. Just use the promo code ‘BESWday1‘ when you order online.

A water saving eco shower head is one of the most effective ways to battle back against those ever-rising energy and water bills and is ideal for homes as well as hotels and guest houses, care homes, gyms, schools, universities etc.

As the Daily Telegraph reports, actions like switching energy supplier are not the long-term, sustainable solution to rising costs.

You can do that with our Hansgrohe EcoSmart Shower Heads. We work in partnership with Hansgrohe, an innovative global brand to offer a range of the very best eco shower heads including handheld, fixed and rain head that suit all styles and budgets.

Standard shower heads often run at 15 or 18 litres per minute but in some cases can deliver up to 30 litres of water per minute whereas an eco shower head can reduce the flow down to 9 litres or even 6 litres per minute.

A quality EcoSmart shower head ensures that in many cases you can halve your water consumption but still enjoy a great shower experience with no perceived loss of pressure. And with a quality eco shower head, your daily contribution to climate protection begins under the shower because reduced water use and heating means greatly reduced carbon emissions – and less shower-head replacement waste destined for landfill. Great for the planet!
Watch this video to see how it works:

Order your eco shower head online now and save 20% with promo code ‘BESWday1’. You can call us on 0845 123 5464 to discuss your energy-reducing, bill cutting needs and start saving in Big Energy Savings Week.


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