10% off all energy saving and water saving products to cap Big Energy Saving Week

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January 31, 2014

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We’re giving 10% off all our energy saving and water saving products today to cap Big Energy Saving Week.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau Big Energy Saving Week has been a great success, with kick-start support from Energy ministers Edward Davey and Greg Barker and events throughout the past five days.

On the final day, we wanted to give consumers more help to cut energy and water consumption, cut bills and cut carbon emissions with a big discount on energy saving and water saving products .

Everything online is available today with a 10% discount – just use the “BESWday5” code when you place your order. You can call us on 0845 123 5464 for advice on the best ways to take control of spiraling energy and water bills – and we’ll also give you 10% off any order you place.

Ways to save

Lighting – Quality LED lighting is the best way to cut your lighting bills by up to 85%. It’s well worth investing in well-made, fully tested LEDs from trusted brands.

Quality LEDs pay for themselves very quickly then go on saving you money year after year. For example, if you buy a quality LED for a baby’s bedroom now, you should not have to replace it until your child heads off to college.

There are a lot of “budget” LEDs out there but they really are not worth the packaging they come in. Some are downright dangerous – watch this quick video to see why:

But choosing the best LEDs for your home are a clear winner. In fact, expert data from Lux magazine shows that an typical household should save around £250 a year in electricity bills by replacing current energy guzzling lights with LEDs.

There are LED replacements for a wide range of settings, inside and outside. You can find out how much you can save on every product with our LED savings calculator:

Screenshot of LED savings calculator from SaveMoneyCutCarbon

Water – Households can cut their water consumption – and costs of heating the water – by more than 50% with a range of simple, effective products that pay for themselves very quickly and just keep saving you money.

Water saving 1:

Eco shower heads, built with quality, best components and care are a simple, effective solution to rising energy and water bills. They cut water consumption by more than 50%, meaning less heating energy use – and a big win if your water is on a meter.

Watch this video to find out more:

Before you choose your eco shower head, check out how much you will save for each product with our eco shower head savings calculator:

Screenshot of eco shower head savings calculator from SaveMoneyCutCarbon

Water saving 2:

Eco taps use similar technology to that used in quality eco shower heads. By mixing the water with air, they cut consumption by more than 50%, so directly saving money on heating and water, if you are metered.

Find out how much you can save with our unique eco taps savings calculator for every product:

Screenshot of eco tap savings calculator on SaveMoneyCutCarbon.com

Water saving 3:

Tap aerators are the mini marvels for energy saving and water saving, cutting consumption by more than 50% with no perceived effect on flow quality.

Our visual guides on ‘How to Fit a Tap Aerator’ and ‘Will a Tap Aerator Fit My Tap?’ will give you all the info you need. You can get these here:

How to Fit a Tap Aerator

Will a Tap Aerator Fit My Tap?

We are often reminded by our customers how quickly tap aerators, eco taps and eco shower heads pay for themselves. The payback is measured in months, not years and that applies to every setting, from a single domestic bathroom or kitchen to larger business properties with many taps, to hotels boasting many hundreds of taps.

Find out more here.

And remember, all these products help you cut your carbon footprint by a big amount – our savings calculator will show you exactly how much you are helping the planet by choosing LED lights, eco shower heads, eco taps and tap aerators.

Call us today on 0845 123 5464 for more advice on energy savings and water savings – and take control of those ever-rising energy bills and water costs.


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